“The school fully meets its aim to provide a unique ethos in which family, community and socially responsible values are instilled through outstanding pastoral care.”

ISI Inspection February 2016

"From the moment we stepped foot into Barfield, we knew it was a special place. The teachers passion and commitment mixed with the warm and caring environment is a recipe for very happy, productive children. The teaching is both nurturing and academically rich. Our boys can't wait to get to school each morning, they are both happy and confident in their learning environment." 

Mrs Walker

“Both of our children began their academic journey at Barfield and I could not have wished them a better start. All the staff were very nurturing and highly professional. Barfield has a unique atmosphere making it particularly wonderful for the youngest pupils.”

Dr and Mrs Hua

“We are very happy to be part of the Barfield Family. Our daughter is eager to get to school each day and join in with the many opportunities on offer. It is a happy, caring, nurturing environment. There is focus on the whole child, building confidence while achieving great things. We are glad we chose Barfield for our first schooling experience. It has made the process of starting education an enjoyable experience. It has a sparkling atmosphere and our 2yr old can’t wait to start next September.”

Family Freer

“Uplifting and Enlightening.”

Harrison Lewis

“The pre-prep department is excellent, pushing each child as an individual and adjusting work to reflect each child’s ability. The facilities and activities available through Three Peaks Barfield are fantastic. Social activities for both children and parents are very good. My children’s memories and our memories of Barfield will be ones filled with great affection for all the happy, happy times we have all had there.”

Mrs Wooding

 “I could not be happier with Barfield Nursery. It is a fantastic, rewarding and energetic learning environment and Woody has thrived.”

Katie Black