Learning Support

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department is well-resourced and at the heart of the school, consisting of a good-sized teaching area and 1:1 rooms. The SENCO and Learning Support teachers do all the 1:1 and small group teaching, using a wide variety of learning tools. Teaching Assistants provide additional in-class support from Reception to Year 2. 

        We aim to identify children with any special educational needs as early as possible and offer advice on methods of support to teachers.  Should further                 intervention be required, we carry out our own in-house assessments and refer to external agencies if it becomes necessary. For information on our                         SEND report, please click here.

       The Learning Support Department may also provide scholarship enrichment for those identified as gifted in either 1:1 lessons or small group sessions.

       This is in addition to our Boosters Programme, which focusses on developing artistic and musical skills.

       Children have lessons either on a temporary or on a more permanent basis.  Lessons are on a 1:1, paired, or on a group basis depending on the                                   child's  needs.  Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) are written for those pupils for whom it is necessary. 

       The department is extremely flexible in its approach, and the SENCO has an ongoing dialogue with teaching staff about the needs of identified pupils                       and any interventions they may require.