With our extensive grounds, woodland, pitches and swimming pool, Barfield pupils experience a multitude of sports through curriculum lessons and after school clubs. We promote a love and enthusiasm for all sports and the children are given the opportunity to develop their own individual strengths, and represent Barfield to compete against other schools from Year 3 onwards. We have full use of all of the Three Peaks facilities, building on their extended range of skills, outside of the usual sports, that the children are able to develop over their time at Barfield.

We believe that sport develops a sense of fair play, teamwork, encourages confidence, builds self esteem and has an overall impact on the physical, mental and social development of our children.

In the Pre-Prep, pupils have weekly swimming and gymnastics lessons, alongside Games and Adventure sessions, leading up to taking part in Sports Day at the end of the year.

In the Prep School, the core seasonal sports include Football, Netball, Hockey, Swimming, Cricket, Tennis and Athletics; with additional sports available within lesson time and after school clubs. We promote a healthy sense of competition in our Inter House sporting competitions throughout the year.

Matches are organised on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Inter-class competitions allow all children to participate and feel part of a team. There is an open invite to parents to come along to support their children and experience the Barfield match tea. Matches are played against schools including Edgeborough, Lanesborough, Greenfield, Guildford High, Alton School, Conifers School, Cranleigh School, St Nicholas and more.


Boys and girls learn the basics of football throughout the Lower School, with an additional Saturday club to enhance their skills. Boys continue with football as a seasonal sport, competing against other schools; and girls have a seasonal after school club with the opportunity to take part in matches.


Both boys and girls are taught basic Netball skills in the Lower School; and girls in the Upper School play and compete in both 5 a side and 7 a side teams on our two full size netball courts.


In the Spring Term, the Lower School have an introduction to basic Rugby skills and games; while the Upper School boys develop these skills with tag and touch games. The girls in the Upper School take part in an optional after school club.


Both boys and girls compete in Hockey matches throughout the Spring Term. In the younger years, the children gain basic skills with the plastic sticks in Unihoc, leading to wooden sticks and safety equipment in the Prep School.


Both boys and girls develop their Cricket skills in the Summer Term. Cricket nets and a bowling machine are used alongside their training. Parents can while away blissful afternoons on deckchairs in the sun, watching their children competing against other schools, with a fabulous match tea.

Barfield was awarded recognition by the Cricketer Magazine as being one of the top 50 Prep Schools in the country for its provision of Cricket in 2019.


Tennis in the Summer term is enjoyed by all across the multitude of grass and hard courts. From Owls upwards, the children learn the skills and progress their ability until Year 3 where they have lessons and take part in a knockout tournament within their year group. The children can often be found playing tennis in their break times, with the older children putting on quite a display on the headmaster’s lawn. They might even get a match with a passing teacher!


Barfield children start their lessons in water confidence in our heated, indoor swimming pool and are usually able to swim without aids by the time they reach Reception. Weekly lessons ensure a love for the water, incorporating fun games and stroke development. Boys and girls regularly take part in  fixtures against other schools and a little healthy in-house rivalry in Inter House competitions.

We are particularly proud of our recent success in the IAPS Swimming Nationals and have, on a regular basis, qualified for the finals in the ESSA County Competition and Schools National Final of the Aquathlon. Water polo and biathlons and triathlons are a fun addition to their pool time.


Gymnastics takes place throughout the year for the Prep-Prep and through the inclement terms in the Prep School. They also have the opportunity to further develop their abilities in an after school club. Promoting strength and flexibility, and an individual skill set which can lend itself to other sports; and even helps with handwriting!


In the Upper School, Dance is incorporated into Gymnastics and routines are learned by all for Arts Week and the School Play.


Athletics in the Summer Term incorporates track and field events, for all Barfield children, and culminates in Sports Day at the end of the academic year. Parents and extended family are welcomed to Barfield to celebrate their childrens’ sporting achievements and enjoy tea and cakes on the terrace.


Upper School boys and girls compete against other schools in our own version of a Biathlon competition, swimming lengths of our pool to then run a set course. Triathlon training also takes place twice a week, for the keen early risers!


All boys and girls take part in Adventure sessions as part of their timetable throughout the year. Our qualified and enthusiastic Three Peaks staff encourage the pupils to push themselves, using all of the Three Peaks facilities; incorporating team building skills and promoting leadership and initiative.

Activities  include Quad biking, High Ropes, Zip Wire, Paintball shooting, Command tasks and many more are offered to them during these sessions.

Regular night camps are conducted on our site and we run annual trips to hill walk in the Brecon Beacons.

Cross Country

The Inter House Cross Country Competition involves all children in the Lower and Upper Schools attempting the course within their lessons. Regular running sessions, understanding pacing and maintaining correct breathing, encourages the children to enjoy long distances.