School Mission Statement, Aims & Values

School Mission Statement, Aims & Values

Our Mission Statement:

Barfield PrepSchool will provide an outstanding educational experience of the highest quality, within a safe and stimulating environment.

Barfield Prep School aims to:

  • To create an environment where children really can be children; where relationships are strong and a close relationship between home and school is nurtured in the partnership of education

  • To provide a grounded approach to independent education: a Barfield Journey means that children leave us with an academic profile they can be proud of, as well as the skills and experiences they need in order to cope with the demands of the next chapter of their educational lives

  • To deliver a curriculum which prides itself on balance: the children understand and respect the value of academic rigour, but equally the importance of being creative and the acquisition of skills that are learnt outside of the traditional classroom

  • To ensure that children are happily challenged in their learning, and are nurtured as individuals

  • To guide and prepare each child for successful entry into the right Senior School at the right time

  • To provide a unique ethos in which family, community and socially responsible values are instilled through our outstanding pastoral care

  •  To fulfil our social and environmental responsibilities to society

  • To enable all members of staff to have the opportunity for personal development and to make the fullest of contributions to school life

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Resilience