Activity List

Activity List

Quad Biking

We use Yamaha YFM 50 and Polaris outlaw 70 Quad Bikes. Our sessions are always a hit with participants of all ages. Our sessions focus on skill and control as participants drive four-wheeled, motorized Quad Bikes on our purpose-built, supervised dirt tracks and courses. Participants will learn a full range of skills and techniques, coached and supervised by our fully qualified and experienced Quad Bike instructors. We use several impressive tracks to cater for all ages and abilities. All courses are surrounded by crash barriers to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators. Full safety equipment is provided. Minimum age - 6 years. All participants must wear long sleeves, long trousers, and stout footwear.

Please note that all participants must complete the quad driving test before Riding Solo and this is done with a 1:1 ratio with 2 quads on the track, We must complete this before allowing  all 4 quads on the track at any one time.

Zip Wire

We have one of the highest, longest zip wires in Surrey. Participants climb to the top of the 65 foot launch platform and prepare to descend the 200m zip wire at speeds of up to 30mph. Participants wear a safety harness and helmet supplied by Three Peaks Barfield. They are secured to the zip wire trolley and then descend to the bottom of the run where another instructor will release them safely to the ground. An exhilarating thrill not to be missed.

Leap of Faith

Thirty feet off the ground, safe in harnesses and helmets and with the help of qualified and experienced staff, participants navigate an exhilarating challenge that will really test their nerve and skill. Participants attempt to reach the top of a pole, using wooden blocks to climb as they ascend to a tiny wooden platform. Once standing on top of the pole, participants nerves are truly tested as they attempt…… the leap of faith!! Here, participants must leap from the platform, trying to reach a trapeze bar out in front of them! Participants learn the skills of belaying using a Gri-Gri. This equipment is unique in that it will lock off on its own if a participant falls, thus adding a greater element of safety for all participants. All safety equipment is provided by Three Peaks Barfield.

Gladiator Challenge

Hanging up to 40 feet in the air, the Gladiator Challenge is the ultimate test of nerve and skill. The challenge consists of suspended equipment between 2 trees. Participants work in teams of 2 and try and make their way to the top of the activity. Participants must help each other climb, as they ascend into the tree tops. Teamwork is vital, as participants strive to pull each other up the course. This is an activity that encourages communication and co-operation between participants and helps to build self-confidence. Throughout the challenge, participants wear climbing harnesses and safety helmets and are supervised by one of our qualified experienced instructors. 

Crate Challenge

The Crate Challenge is a high ropes activity that gets participants working with their team mates. It encourages communication and co-operation between them, and builds confidence.  It helps to develop balance and co-ordination skills as participants work with their team to complete the challenge. The team is responsible for building a crate tower, which 2 participants must attempt to balance on as they try and make their way to the top! More crates must be added to the stack so that the participants get higher! Nerves and balance are tested as the tower gets higher and higher….. And more and more wobbly! Throughout the challenge, participants wear harnesses and safety helmets and are supervised by our qualified, experienced instructors.

Paintball Shooting

A fast paced shooting activity which takes place on our purpose built range! Participants are given the opportunity to fire at objects on the range. These vary from hanging barrels, targets, giant dart boards and even cars! Adjacent to the shooting range is a mini assault course. Here, participants are tested on their speed and accuracy, as they make their way through the course, shooting at their designated targets! All shooting is undertaken under the guidance of one of our qualified and experienced instructors. 

Air Rifle Shooting

The air rifle range is located on the perimeter of the main school playing field. This activity gives the participant the opportunity to develop dexterity, control and precision as each group member tries to obtain a good grouping of shots on the targets provided using our .177 air rifles. Many different games and targets can be enjoyed, all under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor.


The archery range is located on our western games field adjacent to the quad biking track. This activity gives the participant the opportunity to develop dexterity, control and precision. We can adjust the target range to suit each individual or group. Participants will learn how to use the bow and arrows effectively, before taking part in mini games and competitions that will test the skills they have just learnt! All shooting is undertaken under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Three Peaks instructor. 

Low Ropes

Perfect for all ages, our purpose-built low ropes course, located in the Barfield wood, encourages communication and co-operation. This activity builds confidence and enables participants to work as a team. It helps to develop balance and co-ordination skills as they navigate their way through the low ropes course. Low ropes is an activity which takes place on a series of wires and obstacles, that are approximately 1-2 feet off the ground, guiding the participants from one area of woodland to another. Obstacles include balance wires, cargo nets, mini zip wires…… And the dreaded log swing! Guided by a qualified and experienced instructor, participants are taught the skills needed for effective teamwork. 


The Aeroball structure comprises of 4 trampoline beds, with each bed having its own individual compartment to ensure that no child or participant can fall off or collide with others whilst in use. Participants are invited to play in a variety of fun games, all specifically designed for use within the Aeroball structure. 

Assault Course

Based around the perimeter of the playing fields at Barfield School, the assault course is an activity that encourages team work, communication and co-operation. This activity builds confidence and enables participants to work as a team. It helps to develop balance and co-ordination skills as they navigate their way through the course. The assault course will take its participants through many challenges and obstacles, such as balance beams, monkey bars, multi vines, traverse climbing walls, rope swings and many more!

Combat Laser Tag

Step into the ultimate battleground and experience adrenaline-pumping action like never before! Our brand-new laser tag parties offer combat laser tag with top-of-the-line equipment for an unforgettable experience! 🔫 Gear up, strategise with your squad, and unleash your inner warrior in the most immersive games around!  Includes Laser Tag target shooting practice and Laser Tag Games (King of the Hill, Domination, Capture the Flag, and Tug of War)

Initiative Exercises & Command Tasks

Within the initiative exercise area at Barfield School, there are several challenges that await participants. All these activities are designed to encourage communication and co-operation. These activities build confidence and enable participants to work as a team, using a mixture of skill and logic as they try and work out the task at hand. Some of the challenges are: Charlotte’s Web, See-Saw Challenge, Nero’s Puzzle, Hook Co-Ordination Challenge, Bomb Challenge.


Instilling an important sense of trust and co-operation in the group,  a blindfolded team of participants are encouraged to work together to navigate their way through a series of obstacles and challenges that will guide them through the woodland. Good communication skills are vital if the group is to succeed

Quick Jump

QuickJump is an ultimate adrenaline rush that is unprecedented in the Farnham / Surrey area. After gearing up in our full body harness and reaching the pinnacle of our 40-foot tree canopy,  prepare to take that big step for an intense rush. Free fall 15-20 feet before the "Quick Jump" devise gradually slows you down and lowers you the remaining distance.  

Climbing Wall

Scale the 14m high wall, with options for beginners and trickier routes for more experienced climbers. Challenge yourself, make the climb and feel the buzz of reaching the top! 


In teams you will travel around the site looking for clues. Each location will need to be discovered, so you must work together as a team to calculate the best route to take . But don't worry - we provide a map to navigate around the site  so you won’t get lost.