Practical Maths Day

Practical Maths Day

The Happy Puzzle Company visited Barfield School on Tuesday 31st January.

The children from Reception upwards thoroughly enjoyed their session with The Happy Puzzle Company as part of our annual Practical Maths Day. The day was a great success as illustrated by the children's comments:

"Their puzzles helped us to use teamwork, collaboration and determination."

"It made me realise that I could accomplish more than I first thought."

"The games might have looked quite easy, but they were actually quite hard."

"We had a lot of trouble fitting the tubes together, but we didn't give up and we did it in the end."

"The penguin iceberg game made you think of creative ways to solve it. It was all about weight distribution."

"It made me feel proud that we managed to complete the puzzle."

"Overall it was amazing, good to work together and so much fun."