100th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme

100th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme

Today, 1st July 2016, marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of The Somme.

On the first day of the battle alone, nearly 20,000 British Soldiers died and around 40,000 more were wounded, making 1st July 1916 the worse day in British Military history.

The pupils spent the day commemorating this important occasion by learning all about the battle and the First World War. Mrs Lester took Years 7 and 8 to visit the Sandham Memorial Chapel and they saw the works by Stanley Spencer of The Great War.

Years 3 - 6 had a variety of lessons.  They have been learning about rationing and the problems  this caused, as they attempted to make tasty food with limited and sometimes strange ingredients. Mr Taylor, Mrs Tupper and Mrs Henman have been putting the children through their paces in the trenches of the quad bike field! Other activities have included learning about the causes of the war, creating a trench system in DT and enjoying the music and dancing of the era! The Pre-Prep children have been creating sweetheart pincushions, learning about the war in IT and also becoming soldiers with Mr Taylor as their drill master.

The children enjoyed their day, but also learned about the sacrifice that was made by so many during this terrible battle.