Exam Week

Exam Week

The corridors have been very quiet this week as the children in Years 3 to 8 have been taking their exams. Congratulations to all the pupils who have worked so hard. They have shown incredible maturity in their practise of effective revision strategies and in handling pressure.

The pupils have given some of their quotes about exams:

Exam Week is good preparation for our future (Mackenzie A Y7)

I am positive about being tested because it shows me what I need to improve on and what I have done well. (Peter B Y7)

Exam Week is great because  - in the mornings we focus hard and each afternoon there are a variety of activities available to us. (Jamie M Y8)

Exam week is a fun but also a difficult experience. It has got even harder now because we do more exams in Year 4. I like that we do lots of different things and that we do lots of art and other subjects that we usually only do once a week. I have learnt that revising things from last year is helpful.   ( Lily A Y5)

Exam Week is really fun but quite scary! (Izzy Y5)