Year 2 Fireworks Poetry

Year 2 Fireworks Poetry

This week, Year 2 had so much fun creating a collection of captivating poems, fully-loaded with adjectives and onomatopoeia.  As our poetry focus coincided with Bonfire Night, we decided to write poems using our senses to describe the fireworks. We hope you enjoy reading some wonderful examples.

I see sizzling yummy sausages.

I smell wild crackling hot smoke.

I taste spicy hotdogs.

I hear twirling loud rockets, zoom!

I feel smooth melting hot chocolate, slurp!

I wish this starry night would never end.

By Ava Lee


I see exploding fireworks, boom bang!

I smell juicy, sizzling sausages, sizzle!

I taste spicy scrumptious hotdogs.

I hear zooming rockets.

I feel velvety hot bubbling chocolate.

I wish I could eat chocolate cake in a space rocket.

By Bertie Forbes


I see zooming rockets whizz, pop, bang!

I smell smoking ferocious flames.

I taste soft gooey marshmallows.

I hear loud bangers, boom and crash!

I feel amazed by the glowing sparks

I wish I could be a firework.

By Jamie Stevenson


I see a moonlit, glowing, booming light.

I smell sizzling sausages, crackle!

I taste spicy buzzing hotdogs.

I hear dazzling Catherine Wheels, whizz!

I feel terrified!  Bang, boom, loud noises.

I wish I could fly up to the colourful zooming fireworks.

By Anna Tracey


I see colourful shapes cascade.

I smell sizzling sausages, rattle!

I taste warm steaming hot chocolate.

I hear exploding twirling Catherine Wheels.

I feel amazed by all the sparkle.

I wish the glowing moonlit sky would never end.

By Caitlin Smith


I see sizzling sausages, glowing glow sticks.

I smell salty popcorn, crackle pop!

I taste beefy burgers.

I hear swirling Catherine Wheels.

I feel amazed by the zooming rockets.

I wish could touch a star in the sky.

By Harry Zimmermann